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Benefitting from a Spa Visit

Relaxing after being subjected to days of stress filled rushing and dealing with the world’s challenges, is essential to your health and wellbeing. A day at the spa can ease some of the tensions and allow you to feel pampered for a time. Spa Services Williamsburg VA can give you that release with a multiple number of relaxing treatments built to restore the worn and weary body to a whole state again.

Types of Spa Treatments

Spa therapies involve relaxation and the relief of musculoskeletal pain. Massage therapy is followed by a steam sauna. If beauty treatments are chosen, they follow a steam sauna and then skin care and makeup proceed. The beauty treatment will also include a manicure, pedicure and skin treatment.

Different Types of Spas

1. Thalassotherapy Spa-this is a warm sea water spa. Sea water has therapeutic affects; it can help restore the body’s natural balance. It can treat insomnia, de-tox and de-stress, eliminate aches and relax the muscles.

2. Eco Spa-everything in this spa’s immediate environment is eco-friendly. Organic treatments are employed and energy saving techniques are regularly used.

3. Destination Spa-is located at a mineral spring or a hot spring. These worldwide locations are often exotic. The daily routine will consist of healthy eating and activities or exercise along with education about eating and healthy living activities.

4. Hotel/Resort Spa-these facilities are gigantic and very small and intimate, but what they all have in common is the treatment their clients expect. The treatment includes wet rooms, body wraps, massages, saunas and swimming pools alone with healthy, yet tasty eating.

5. Medical Spa-these facilities include all the regular spa treatments and add treatments that can only be administered by a medical practitioner: microdermabrasion, chemical peels, Botox injections, derma fillers and laser treatments.

6. Ayurveda Spa-these spas specialize in individually customized treatments focused on healing and treating disease. They also utilize meditation and yoga.

7. Cruise Ship Spa-is located on a luxury cruise liner but is still able to offer the same or better services that are offered on land: thalassotherapy, hydrotherapy, spa float, thermal treatments, mud wraps and seaweed wraps.

8. Thermal and Mineral Spa-is the type of location specific spa that takes advantage of naturally occurring mineral waters or hot springs and builds a spa facility around it. They usually many beneficial spa treatments.

Explaining Spa Treatments

Seaweed Wraps are beneficial in detoxing the body, relieving stress and providing amino acids and vitamins to the skin.

• Mud Wraps are used to detoxify the body and reduce water weight. Using the perfect combination of mud and aloe Vera, essential oils and herbs the body is encouraged to release toxins through its pores.

• Thalassotherapy uses seawater to create a therapeutic environment.

• Spa Float is the act of floating n water in a private area. The benefit gained is an ability to escape the sensory overload of the world. Clients get a chance to relax and recharge.

There are many benefits gained from visiting a spa for a few hours or a few days. Both experiences give the body a chance to unwind, de-stress, relax and renew. Spa services are built to tap into what stresses you and release the tension slowly and completely, so by the time you live, you really are revived.

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