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Get an Exterminator as Soon as You See Mice in Your House

If you live in Fairfax, Virginia, then you have probably encountered mice. When the cold season starts settling in, the little critters have been known to sneak into houses in pursuit of warmth, food and a place to have their young. If you spot one mouse running across your house, chances are that there are many more hiding in the dark corners of your house. For most people, the thought of a “harmless mouse” in the house in not so scary. However, you should never ignore the sighting of a mouse. In fact, you should act very fast before they multiply and cause and infestation. Some of the reasons why you should get an exterminator as soon as possible include:

Mice Can Cause House Fires

Yes, you read that right! Those tiny rodents are not as harmless as you think. They have tiny sharp teeth that can gnaw into electric wires. When the wires remain exposed, they become a fire hazard. Other than that, you may end up getting electrocuted by walking into the gaping wires left by mice.

They Cause Diseases

Mouse droppings and urine contain a virus that causes a disease called hantavirus. This disease is characterized by dizziness, chills, nausea, fatigue and general malaise. It can be very difficult to diagnose, and in serious cases, it can lead to death. Medics estimate that there are more than 100 germs particles found in mouse feces. Imagine having all that in your house.

They Make Your House Smell

Rodents have a distinct sharp odor in their urine, feces and fur. Bad chocking smell is always one of the signs that you have an infestation. No matter how much to try to freshen your house, the smell will linger on. When people visit you and mention the smell in your house, it is time for you to search for someone who specializes in mice extermination fairfax va and get a professional to help.

They Destroy Furniture and Property

When mice are looking for a place to make their nest, they are likely to dig through your furniture. These rodents are so destructive, that they can tear down an entire sofa cushion in less than a month. They will sink their teeth and poke holes into your most expensive clothes, and they can bite through even the toughest luggage to access your most hidden treasures.

They Have Fleas and Ticks

Mice tend to carry fleas and ticks under their fur. If you have pets, then they will get infected too. These pests spread diseases that will cost you a lot of money at the veterinary doctor to treat. They will also cause your pets pain and frustration.

They Can Cause Insomnia

Since mice are nocturnal, they will move around the house at night. This is the time you will be drifting off to sleep. The sound of mice squeaking and nibbling through surfaces can be disturbing. Most people have admitted that they had to stay awake while trying to find ways of silencing the mice. You do not want to go through this every day.

As soon as you notice mice in your house, get exterminators to deal with the situation before it is too late. Remember that one mouse can have up to 60 young ones in a year. If you wait longer, it will be more difficult to eliminate them.…

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