Latest Residential Home Wood Fencing Ideas

July 21, 2017 Off By Natasha

Fences have been popular a very long time. By far, wooden fences are far more common types seen in residential home neighborhoods. This material is easy to shape into the style that is desired, and there are many ways to form a fence with this type of material. Simple wooden rail fencing is common on farms. It is typically used to pen in the animals like cows and horses. Many rural area homes have this type of fencing for decorative purposes. It doesn’t block the view or airflow. Some common wood fences include lattice styles used in gardens and vertical versions used more for privacy.

Picket fences are still a popular fencing choice. These are great for front and side yards. The expected top discourages anyone from climbing over it, and these fences can be built inexpensively and at several height options. Other wooden fence selections include wider panel board options, horizontal louver types that offer some straight look privacy that doesn’t block airflow and is able to be viewed from the sides. This is often a good choice for backyards that need some privacy but not a completely blocked view. Vertical wood boards of various widths are another commonly seen residential wood fence selection.

Wood is generally more affordable than metal, stone and other material choices. The wood can be stained or painted to get the desired look. It is important to assess what your new fence will be used for. Before buying fence supplies, research and comparison shop for the best end results and lowest prices. It is best to select specially treated wood that is made for outdoor use. This type of wood is less likely to rot for a much longer period than non-treated woods. Wooden styles of fences will generally last for about 20 years if they are cared for properly.

Washington homeowners can find a top-quality residential wood fencing company bellevue wa residents can vouch for. Always check out any wooden fencing contractor’s reputation within the business community. Good and honest fence contractors will have plenty of satisfied and repeat customers to vouch for them. Most reputable fencing companies have customer reviews available on online websites for prospective customers to easily browse. Avoid contractors that can’t give experience and past customer satisfaction information. Remember that the contractor should also screen any potential workers that will be working on your property for added consumer peace-of-mind.

Along with solid wood fence options, there are some terrific faux wood materials that look like the real deal but cost significantly less. Often, these faux materials have less maintenance requirements than their authentic wooden counterparts. Some options include composite wood, vinyl and more. Always ensure that the care instructions are completely understood to ensure that your new fence holds up as it was meant to. Handy homeowners that have the time and skills to build their own fences can go this route to save some money. Hiring a competent wooden fencing contractor ensures faster and expert installation.