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The Significance of ‘The York Shire Dad of Four’ Website For Parents

The originator of the website is a dad of four girls who lives in rural North York Shire. The blog was formed as an outlet to share his thoughts on parenting, current affairs, running, sports and many other topics. Parenting is always at the heart of whatever topic he discusses. The most recent post is on helping parents encourage their family to go camping. When given the choice between camping and vacationing in fancy resorts and tourist complexes, most families would choose the latter. The blog has details on how parents can get their families to see the benefits of camping. Parents will be helped to minimize any concerns that may come up in opposition to camping.

Among the concerns that may arise is that camping is boring. To oppose this, the awesomeness of nature is explained. Various activities like tree climbing and making Woodland dens is offered by nature. The great outdoors allows for sightseeing the various wildlife in the forest and the great views. The spacious environment also allows families to play games, do sports and engage in kite flying and fishing etc. Another argument mentioned that may arise from family members is that there is no Wi-Fi, no power, no anything! It doesn’t have to be that there will be zero technology. While it is advisable to switch of the many technological devices a family has so as to fully enjoy time away together, the family may want to relax with a movie or take pictures to share later. The solution is to check or look for campsites that offer Wi-Fi, or the parents can pick up a signal booster if they are in a remote place. To make sure that the devices are charged up and ready to go, it is important to procure solar blankets.

Another vague and unreasonable concern may be that camping is not healthy. They will say that there are insects and animals which will accost them. The lack of hygiene facilities and constant proximity to each other closing mental stress maybe another argument. Good solutions would silence any concerns. For these bug problems, they could use bug spray, and they could also go to a camping site that is secured from wild animals and that has washing facilities. They can say that being outdoors helps those against close proximity to have space and strengthens family togetherness. A reminder on the money that would be saved by opting to go camping would reduce any arguments. Parents can also remind their kids of the fun time they would have roasting marshmallows and nurturing the relationship.

Camping is great and it would give families time away from the chaos of day-to-day life and from being crowded by tourists. So try it out! Have a go at it! Check it out!