Regular Maintenance on Your HVAC Unit

September 30, 2017 Off By Natasha

Air Conditioning as it is known today, has only been around since 1902. It is hard to think of life before air conditioning. The majority of history did not have the benefit of cool air. This invention is one that has changed lives and businesses forever.

The Inventor

Willis Haviland Carrier said, “I fish only for edible fish, and hunt only for edible game, even in the laboratory.” Carrier wanted to spend his energy on creating something of practical value. He graduated with a master’s in engineering from Cornell University in 1901. By 1902, one year later, he had invented a working air conditioning unit.

The Inspired Idea

One day while Carrier was waiting on the train in the foggy night, he had a “flash of genius” as he called it. He recognized the problem with humidity control and the temperature. By the train’s arrival, he had mulled over the dilemma. He had a full understanding of temperature and humidity. and how they interact with each other.

The Immediate Impact

Carrier’s air conditioning unit was placed in a printing plant in Brooklyn. The owner was having problems with humidity and heat swelling the printing paper, causing misalignment of the inks. With the air conditioner installed the paper no longer fluctuated, solving the issue. So, in essence, air conditioning made four color printing a possibly.

The Firm Foundation

In 1911 before the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Carrier explained in detail his Rational Psychrometric Formulae. Today his formula remains the basis for all calculations in air conditioning. The air conditioning industry is in debt to Carrier for his genius and creativity.

The Residential Use

At first the air conditioning unit was used in industry to improve the production of tobacco, meats, medical capsules, and textiles. By 1928 there was a demand for residential air conditioning. The first one installed in a private home was called the “Weathermaker”.

The Original Name

Originally, Carrier’s air conditioning unit was called the “Apparatus for Treating Air” in his first patent in 1906. The term air conditioner as it is known today was termed by Stuart H. Cramer, a textile engineer. In 1908 Cramer filed a patent for a device he created that added water vapor in the air.

The Torch Carriers

Since Carrier, others have carried his torch in the progress of the air conditioning unit. The HVAC unit, as it is called today, stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Among the men that have help this progress are Michael Faraday, Nikolay Lvov, Edwin Ruud, Reuben Trane, William Rankine, James Joule, and Sadi Carnot. These famous names are familiar among many an HVAC equipment manufacturer.

It is amazing how one man’s creativity and ingenuity has changed the course of history forever. Carrier’s invention of the air conditioner is showcased in every business and home today. Carrier’s humble beginnings of a $10 salary per week has boomed into a multi-million-dollar industry. For that, among many things, we are eternally grateful.