Should You Get Casement Window Replacements

November 3, 2017 Off By editeditor

Look at the windows in an average house. Most of the windows are probably double hung or single hung windows. These types of windows are opened by pulling the window up. They are closed by pulling the window down. A casement window is different. The casement window is opened by using the crank that is attached at the bottom of the window. In other words, you crank the window open. Of course, casement windows Cincinnati OH installers agree that casement windows make a wonderful addition to just about any room in a home.

Should You Install Casement Windows?

If you live in a building, apartment, or residence with very cramped spaces, you might find the casement windows a bit of an intrusion on the room. The casement windows are cranked open and swing out into the room. Therefore, they require plenty of space to operate properly. If you would like to welcome more fresh air into the room, casement windows are the perfect solution too. The windows are taller than wide and provide much more air than a double hung or single hung window, which only opens half way. However, if you live on the ground floor near a lot of foot traffic and security is important, consider another option.

Are Casement Windows Easy to Operate and Clean?

Many find that the casement windows are very easy to operate. Some find the casement windows easier to operate than the more traditional double hung or single hung windows because you simply crank the window open, instead of straining to lift the window open. Here is something else worth considering. The casement windows are easier to clean on both sides than the more traditional windows. Simply crank the window open. Remove any screens that are attached. Clean the top that swings out and clean the bottom area.

Are Casement Windows Available in More Than One Style?

Often, people assume that the casement windows are only available in one style. The fact is that the casement windows are available in a wide variety of trendy styles, traditional styles, colors, and accessories. For example, some casement windows are very rectangular in size and available in a wide variety of natural or man-made trims. Others are very detailed and have an architectural design that might match the adjoining structure. Discuss the options that are available with the casement windows installer.

Casement Window Advantages

Today, casement windows are a popular choice for people building a new home or moving into a new home. The fact is that the casement windows are worth considering because they provide the property owner with numerous advantages. For example, the new casement windows are energy efficient, provide an unobtrusive view of the outside, easy cranking opening, easy to secure, excellent room ventilation, and much more.

Perhaps, you are thinking about replacing one window or several windows in your home. Casement windows are a good choice for the residential property and the commercial property. Ultimately, the casement windows provide beauty, safety, and security.