Six Landscaping Ideas for Your Property

December 9, 2017 Off By Natasha

Six Landscaping Ideas for Your Property

Keeping your property in tip-top shape is of utmost importance as it enhances the aesthetics of your home and keeps it free of pests. More so, proper landscaping negates unfortunate incidences like branches or trees falling and causing damage or injury. If you reside in a wooded area, here are six landscaping ideas you can try:

Long-term planning

If you just acquire a new property or want to give your home a significant facelift, plan with the future in mind. An ample backyard is a great space for entertaining especially in the summer. Create a stone patio and install benches where guests can gather around a fire pit. Start with a firm layer of pea stones to discourage sprouting of weeds.

Pruning and Tree Removal

Rotten, broken, and weak trees are an unsightly mess that must be dealt with sooner than later. Ignoring weak branches could be catastrophic when the wind blows or when a thunderstorm hits. Yanking out old stumps can nearly impossible if the tree is too big and therefore, you will need expert help to tackle this. If you enter tree removal Vienna VA will present an array of tree services who can help remove old stumps, prune shrubs, and perform general maintenance.


This is a landscaping technique that incorporates less turf grass and promotes survival even in the advent of water shortage. Xeriscaping utilizes efficient watering methods to conserve water. As per the EPA, an upwards of 9 billion gallons of water used to maintain lawns are wasted owing to runoff, evaporation, and bad practices.

Planting Trees

Adding trees to your backyard is yet another great landscaping idea. Trees provide shade, privacy, and elevate the aesthetics of your property. How about that cold breeze in the summer? Seeing the many benefits of planting trees, find the right kind to avoid common mistakes like an overbearing tree that obstructs light. Crape Myrtle is heat tolerant, Witchhazel yield orange-red flowers in winter and elderberries can grow in acidic soil. Consult a tree planting service to guide your selection.


Flowers are the most beautiful plants to have on the yard. You can select perennials, all-year-round flowers depending on your choice. Bright and colorful flowers look great in the summer and some varieties like lavender emit a sweet scent. Rosemary, petunias, basil, marigold, etc., are just a few examples of flowers that are bug repellent. This will ensure that you dine in peace.

Install Retainers

If you have different crops on your yard including trees, it would be wise to erect retainer walls to effectively subdivide the yard. The walls reduce soil erosion and help define flower beds, vegetable gardens, a line of trees, etc. Retainers are also practical in scenarios where the backyard has different levels, again to curb soil erosion. You can paint retainer walls to enhance visual interest.

Maintaining your backyard doesn’t have to be difficult. Implement ideas that reflect your preferences and seek professional help for the big tasks like tree removal. In the end, you want a space that is functional and beautiful.