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August 11, 2018 Off By editeditor

Guidelines to Help you Clean your Vinyl Siding Perfectly

No doubt the exteriors of your home can also do with some good care on a regular basis. The best thing is that maintaining a perfectly beautiful exterior is very much possible especially with the great summer weather. How about you get started with vinyl cleaning and read more on the great tips to help you have an attractive home. No doubt vinyl siding is one of those low-maintenance materials, but it attracts stains and dirt over time. The following are some vinyl cleaning tips to get you started.

One of the DIY ways of getting rid of dirt and stains from your vinyl siding is through pressure washing. This you can do perfectly with a pressure washer or a garden hose with a power spray nozzle. It is highly recommended you first conduct a thorough inspection of your vinyl siding to be able to know how much cleaning is necessary. This you do by simply walking around the entire compound checking for any cracks and tears on the vinyl.

You can easily get rid of stains and dirt from vinyl siding by adding vinyl safe soap cleanser on your garden sprayer or the pressure reservoir. You can also use bleaching solution for a more thorough and affordable cleanup, but you have to exercise lots of caution when doing so. Ensure you spray the solution and clean your vinyl thoroughly before rinsing off the soap and all dirt. You can then towel dry all the areas that you can reach as this allows you to wipe off any left-over stains and dirt. If for whatever reasons you cannot use a pressure washer, a rag and bucket method would also do. This method might be time-consuming though so be sure to allocate enough time for this before you get started.

Experts recommend cleaning your vinyl siding as the sun goes down and here is the reason why. You don’t want your vinyl siding to start melting and warping as is bound to happen when exposed to the scorching sun when wet, now do you? As such, always wait for the sun to start going down to allow for enough time to clean and dry up before the sun gets extremely hot the next day. Always stick to a schedule when cleaning your vinyl especially if you live in an area prone to dust storms as it means the dirt will accumulate very fast. Cleaning your vinyl siding once a month would suffice for a clean and aesthetically appealing exterior.