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Factors to Use When Choosing the Best Hair Dryer

When you are looking forward to getting a hair dryer, make sure that you choose the best. Getting the best hair dryer involves a lot. You will have to invest in a high quality hair dryer that is of a good model and ensure that it can suit all your needs. There are a lot of things that you will have to factor in to ensure that your hair stays healthy. First of all you must start up by knowing the type of hair you have. You will also have to determine the kind of products you use on your hair and know the kind of effect they have on you. The two go hand in hand in helping you in purchasing the best hair dryer. Tge fillowing are some of the tips that will be essential in choosing the best hair dryer.

When you are choosing a hair dryer go for that has got wattage of fifteen hundred or more. The wattage is important in determining how fast the motor in the hair dryer runs. So the more the wattage the more efficient a hair drier is. air driers with a lower wattage than one thousand five hundred are cheaper but you will have to replace them more often. This is because they will it will have to run for a long time to be able to dry you hair. This makes it wear and tear mare quickly. You will be buying one hair dryer and another which will in turn be expensive.

Get a hair drier with extra features such as cool frizz setting. This will help in making your hair sleek and shiny. This feature allows you to blow your hair with cool air when you are almost done. The cool air will help in sealing the cuticle for a smooth and shiny hair. You will activate this mode when your hair has been dried like eighty percent. In addition this feature helps in cooling the hair dryer. If you have thick hair you will need more time to dry your hair. This fun will act as a cooler for your hair and the dryer too.

Choose a hair dryer which is light weight. This is determined with the materials that have been used in manufacturing it. The best materials for a hair drier are ionic or tourmaline. This will make it long lasting and easier for you to hold. This ensures comfort when you are drying your hair. The material used will also help in how fast your hair will dry. It will also determine how fast the handle gets heated.

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